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A Statement of Intent.... a difficult process for someone who works hard at expressing herself with images. In writing it I discuss my process with myself, or perhaps my process reveals itself to me. I've written a statement to go along with my recent work. You can read it here: The Vibrational Symmetrist.

The other statements here are more like creative outlets than they are formal explanations.

In The Story of Vibrata, I've journalized the process by which my identity was transformed and my life's work was revealed. Since then I've been simply uncovering what was already there.

The Story of the Mandala is as much a romance as it is about my work. This painting, like the marriage that inspired it, is a work in progress.

The paintings I call "the Macros" were a bridge between my expressionist side and my intellectuality. "The Eaters" were mostly alot of fun.