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I had spent a year producing very little in the way of art. There were a few sketches and doodles. One doodle became the painting, "Alphabit".
Alphabit helped me to accept that my paintings need not refer to anything "real". They didn't even have to have a direct "meaning". Alphabit is an alphabet that doesn't spell anything.
After that, it was the simple shapes themselves that I wanted to represent. They reminded me of things under a microscope...things that exist, but can't readily be seen.
I discovered that a technology called Scanning Tunneling Microscopy can capture images of atoms. You aren't actually "seeing" the atoms; you see the remnants of their energy.
View some of these incredible images: Scanned Tip and Electron Image Lab Website
My paintings started to resemble those images. I added thick blobs of sparkly paint to the flat planes of color. I noticed that in spite of trying to create randomness, patterns seemed to appear.
I made no deliberate attempts at creating illusions of depth or dimension or movement. These illusions manifested themselves by the nature of observation.
By painting such an intangible, I was freezing in a moment of 'now' something that has no temporal existence.
The observer creates meaning. The observer creates pattern. The observer creates the observed.
The paintings, "Lifeline", "Lifeline Transitions", "Soulmates" and "Reincarnation" were a departure into a more emotional expression.
The winding, ever flowing line in each painting became alive. While drawing the line, I could never see very far ahead. The line would double over the same ground,yet never repeat itself.
Though inspired by the microworld, I see these paintings as a reflection of the macrocosm. As above, so below.

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