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the event was called Interference Orange. energy was being internalized. lower level: jungle/D&B; main level: trance; upper level: ambient/experimental.
it was easy to be alone, especially in the ambient space. with eyes closed, it was easy to be the only thing that exists. prone, with back flat against the hardwood floor, the primal beat resonated along my spine.
but there did seem to be a presense...perhaps the music itself. it painted endlessly mutating patterns on my retina. it wanted to speak with me.
it knew me. it knew the real me. the me i had known up until that moment became a lie, a facade. i asked it who i am. i asked it my name.
the first response was a change in the patterns i saw. they became more fluid-like, four dimensional, rippling and undulating, ribbons as wide and as thick as the universe.
the floor jumped as the music increased its intensity. that was the second response. old wood slats and beams buzzed and shifted rythmically under me.
vvvvvvvvibb. a syllable. vvvveeeeeebb. vvvvveeeeeebbbrrrrrrrr. vvvvvveeeebbbrrrrraaaaaa.



my name. my real name. such a familiar word. latin sounding. did it have a special meaning? could i have heard it before?
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