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Body Art Web Resources

For a list of Webrings, click here.
The Henna Page
*an excellent all-around resource, including The Henna Page Disscussion Forum: Recipes, hints, sharing & fun.
Body Art Supply, Inc.
*I haven't tried their henna, but the pictures look great.
Mehendi Art
*Some of the finest mehndi I've seen. All henna fans must see this!
Mehandi....Bodypainting with henna
*Photos, info and free designs.
Henna Mehndi Artist and Supplies Resources
*includes a few critiques of henna suppliers plus a good list of artists from various locations.
Mehndi by Marsha
*lots of good photos.
*an extremely creative sight. Beautiful mehndi.
Mehndi Mud Home Page
*great big gallery of photos. Suppliers of "Mehndi Mud", their own special henna blend.
Mehndi in Milwaukee
*another large photo gallery. Historical Henna
*Carefully researched archive of traditional mehndi designs from several different cultures.
Castle Art and Imports
*I ordered some of Castle Arts henna powder and found it to be of superior quality. Needs very little sifting, gives lovely color!
*Temptu is a company that makes an amazing waterproof and safe temporary tattoo paint. They also sell mehndi kits and body airbrush supplies. Check out their website for in depth info.

More to come...