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The Container

The Blyss Abyss

The conceptual basis for the structure itself involves a space which can only be entered by decending into it. Once inside, it is somewhat difficult to exit, both because of the physical challenge of the exit and because of the sensual delights within the Abyss itself.

The space can be used for performances, unusual because the audience will be looking down into the stage, rather than up at a platform.

The Blyss Abyss is also a lounge/chill area, since it will be filled with cushions and have softly padded walls. It will be a sanctuary from the often overstimulating surroundings as well as a shelter from the elements.

Meditations, psychedelic journeys and ceremonies can also happen within the Abyss.

The Project

The camp structure will be fully modular, with each seperate element being left open to interpretation by the artist or team of artists who choose to work on it. The Abyss will be available to any theatre group or performance artist whose vision it inspires. The area surrounding the Abyss, such as the two entry ways, will be designated for artistic installations suitable to the theme.

The Abyss itself can be built from six sets of ordinary construction scaffolding, arranged in a hexagon, each scaffold being a single wall. Fabric can be secured from the top of each scaffold extending outwards in awning-fashion to create shade around the outer rim, while fabric is draped downwards to the ground from the inner edges, forming inner walls. A shade dome can be constructed using PVC tubing secured to the scaffolding and arched over the top. Fabric or other material can be secured to the tubing.

View conceptual drawings for the project.