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The Concept

The Abyss of the Unconscious

The Abyss represents Midnight, the hour when we are furthest from daylight, yet also marking the beginning of daylight's return. It is the realm of fantasy, the birthplace of artistic inspiration, the boundary between reality and dreaming. The Soul journeys to the Abyss to face the illusory self. It is a journey into madness; the return marks the birth of the higher, or true, self.

The Imagery

The Moon Card

Much of the main imagery for the concept comes from Aleister Crowley's "the Moon Card", Trump XVIII in the Book of Thoth Tarot. The main elements are:

>The twin towers of Fear and Desire


>"The Long Dark Night of the Soul"

Two towers mark twin gateways, one being the gateway to that which we most fear, the other to that which we most desire. Both potentially lead to ultimate suffering or ultimate bliss. You must choose which tower you will enter quickly, without intellectualizing your decision, or you will be devoured by Anubis. The Moon is the dark, feminine energy of the soul, consort of the Sun, mirror of the ego. She is our animal self, reflecting the light of self-awareness.

Heironymous Bosch

Heironymous Bosch lived in Holland in the late 15th century and was one of the most imaginative painters of his day. He is famous for his surrealistic and moralistic paintings, particularily the altar piece called "The Garden of Earthly Delights".

The dreamlike quality of his images works well with the concept of the Blyss Abyss and can be drawn from for inspiration for the over-all look and feel of the camp; costumes, masks and decorating ideas can be adapted directly from the paintings.